Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Walking Dead S02E08

Last Sunday, the 12th, The Walking Dead returned to tv with its mid-season premiere. It picks up right where episode 7 left off. With Rick shooting the zombified Sophia. People cry, they bury the ones they loved and burn the rest. Herschel tells Rick that he wants them off his land. Rick argues with him, saying they need to stay. Herschel disappears and one of his people goes into some intense shock. So Rick and Glenn go into town to try and find him at the bar. He's there drinking like a madman. Rick tries his hardest to get Herschel to come back to the farm to help but he keeps refusing. He had so much hope that his wife and step-son could be cured and Shane letting them out proved that he was wrong.

While he is trying to get Herschel to come back two guys enter the bar. Telling Rick and crew about their woes and adventures. One guy is going on about where Rick's group is staying. Rick dodges the question. The stranger keeps asking and gets that it is a farm nearby. If you're watching and haven't picked up that these two guys don't have friendly intentions then just wait a few minutes. The leader of the two guys goes behind the bar, pours a drink and continues to talk. Rick is facing the man behind the bar. The other guy is behind Rick. Herschel and Glenn are off to the side. The leader starts to pull a gun but Rick is quicker and shoots him in the head, turning to shoot the second man in the stomach and chest before shooting him in the head too.

Now this is more like the Rick I know from the comics. Ruthless. Willing to do what he has to do to keep his group safe. Even if it means killing people. Ones that haven't become walkers. Even Carl showed more of his comic self. Saying that he would have shot the zombie Sophia himself if he had too. I have high hopes that the second half of season two will be more true to the comics. I hope at least. But if not I won't complain. Its an amazing show regardless.

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