Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Need Your Help!

I really do. I working on my fantasy world and I've finished my map for the most part. Except for names.
First a question: Should I used fantasy sounding names such Beor Mountains (Inheritance Cycle), Ered Luin (Middle Earth) and names like that. Or should I use more generic names such as The Mountains of Dread, Blood Lake, etc, etc.
I need names for the following:
8 Mountain ranges
5 Rivers
3 Lakes
8 Oceans/Seas/Bays
6 Islands (One that is dominated by a giant volcano)
3 Forests
2 Major Cities
3 Minor Cities
2 Ruins/Forgotten Places
Click for larger view
Note about the map. The RED dots are the 3 major cities. The BLUE dots are minor cities. One is already named Belthany. The BLACK squares are the 2 ruins/forgotten places. I think the rest are self explanatory. I hope it's easy to see and distinguish whats what. The massive amounts of mountains in the center is all one range.

But any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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