Saturday, April 28, 2012

I time traveled. It's no big deal.

Yesterday my phone's battery completely died. It was a few hours before I got a chance to plug it into charge. Finally at about 1:30am today (4/28/2012) I plugged it in and turned it on. I tried connecting to wifi because I have no reception where I am at right now. It connected just fine but nothing would load. I put it down. A few minutes later I picked it up to check the time. I was like "Is it really 5 o'clock already?" My friend replied "It's always seems to be 5 o'clock before we go to sleep." Then I realized that my phone said 5pm. I was like WHA? Then when I dragged down the notification bar and it showed the whole date it said January 5, 1980.

JANUARY 5, 1980!

Yeah it was weird. I looked at every setting on the phone to see if something got switched to make this happen. But I found nothing. You can't even manually set the clock. It is set automatically. I tried shutting it off and turning it back on. This was at what my phone said was 5:19 pm. When I turned the phone back on it said it was 5:00pm on January 5, 1980. Again.

In the end I just set the phone down but kept checking it to see if it would change. It finally did. But I took a picture so the the details/picture info would say when it was taken. And it still does. I took a picture back in the 80's. On a phone that wasn't even in existence. So I guess I was time traveling this morning. 

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