Friday, May 4, 2012

The Avengers (SPOILERS)

So I went to see the Avengers at midnight. AND IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!! I don't think there was a part I didn't enjoy. I loved the fight between Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. Especially when Thor went to super hammer smash Cap and Cap blocks it which pretty much destroys the forest they are in. I kind of liked all the fighting between the heroes.

Hulk was hilarious. The sucker punch to Thor was the best. I was pretty upset that Mark Ruffalo was Bruce Banner as opposed to Edward Norton. Because, well, Edward Norton is the amazing. But Ruffalo did a great job. A wonderful job. I thought they would also mess up Black Widow and Hawkeye (if you don't know I love Hawkeye) but safe to say they were both also amazing.

The entire movie was an action-packed ragefest! Just go see it because this ridiculous post isn't doing it any sort of justice. I rarely go pay outrageous amounts of money to see a movie at the theater. And I've never went to see a movie twice in the theater but I would definitely pay to go see this movie again. If that's not enough for to go see it then I don't know what to say.

I believe the movie ends and some fancy partial credit rolls with just the actors then it cuts away to a scene with the leader of the aliens who invaded (I can't think of the name) talking to Thanos (as I've been told).

Then after the credits roll the special thing at the end is the Avengers are sitting around a table eating what I would assume to be schwarma (I believe that what its called). After Iron Man falls back to Earth and Hulk saves him he talks about wanting to try schwarma at a place a few blocks away. The other Avengers remind him that they had to take car of Loki first. To which Iron Man replies "yes, that. Then schwarma" or something as such.

If I were to rate it I'd say 11/10 at least.
Yeah just go see it. It won't disappoint.

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