Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tegan's Review

See that clever thing I did with the title? 

I recently read two books by the very talented author L.H Cosway. Tegan's Blood and Tegan's Return. I highly recommend them both. Which is saying A LOT! Why you ask?

  1. Both books are labeled under “romance”. Romance books aren't my thing. Surprising I know. But there really isn't much romance in either book. A few parts here and there but nothing over the top that would take away from the actual story. And it's never way out there and over done.
  2. After all the Twilight stuff and how everyone ranted and raved about it. Despite it being the worst thing I've ever read. It's just uninteresting and poorly written. But this isn't about that. It's about vampires. After all that I hated anything and everything to do with vampires. As you may have guess there are vampires in these books. But they are written so well and are actually interesting and believable!
  3. It's a fun book. It kept me hooked through til the end. It kept me up far too late reading. Which almost never happens anymore.
  4. There's magic, and vampires, and shapeshifters, and vampire slayers, and swearing (if you're too afraid to use swear words where swear words would actually be used because you're too afraid that it will turn away potential readers then you really ought to rethink why you're writing) and yeah!
I had every intention of doing a more thorough review of both books, heck I'll just do a quick one now for both. Now this will be very quick. I know I won't be able to do the actual book any justice with my haphazard review.

Basically the main character Tegan has special blood. I can't remember what its called. But this blood if drank in the right amount will make a vampire 10 times stronger and pretty much invulnerable. Or was it immortal? Or both! And it make pretty much any spell a witch or warlock casts work and makes it stronger.

The city of Tribane is divided in the middle North and South. Now of course I can't remember who controls which side. But one is vampires and the other is magical folk, slayers, and dhamphirs (which are the offspring of a vampire and a human). They battle and stuff. Wanting to get rid of the other side. Slayers would usually kill a girl with blood like Tegan's if only to prevent a vampire from getting it. But they don't. She saves a slayer from being killed by the vampire Ethan she is with. That slayer (Finn) becomes a pretty big part of the story and a friend and ally of Tegan. At the end Tegan teams up with 2 dhamphirs and a vampire (all are half brothers/sisters), a witch who's father is an evil sorcerer, her mother, and her warlock in training friend. And Finn the slayer. Because that evil sorcerer that I mentioned was released from the hell dimension that his daughter had sent him to in the first book. But to release him the bad warlocks and witches had to steal some of Tegan's blood and had to sacrifice someone. Which happened to be Tegan's father. But he is only trapped in the hell dimension. So they team up to get him back and end the evil sorcerer once and for all.

Now like I said that short synopsis was terrible. Just go get the books from Amazon. Look! Links!

Now go. Buy. Enjoy. Be sure to let her know how great you think they are!

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