Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Follow4Follow? No Thank You

I realized that I get these ridiculous ideas for a new blog but they never work out. Take the Photos and One Thousand Words blog. Its been like a week or more since I posted and it was never any good. This is the only blog that I've had that has continued to chug along. At times it's barely done that! 

I'm not sure why I keep this old thing alive. I get an okay amount of views I guess. Though there is never any comments. Someone does +1 most of my posts though. But I have no idea who since they either don't have a Google account or just don't +1 it publicly. I guess I keep posting here in hopes that someone starts to comment frequently and I make a new friend. Or maybe I just like publicly putting my life out there. I honestly have no idea.

About a month ago I started using Instagram and here are a few thoughts I've had about it:
1. Why are most of the popular pictures asian people?
2. I see comments that people post and I want to rage. Such as "follow4follow" meaning that if you follow them they will follow you back. And then there is "like 10 of my pictures and I'll like 15 of yours". 

On the previous point: I see similar things on twitter and facebook. On facebook I'll see someone like a picture so it shows up in my news feed. The person who originally posted the pic will have commented on it saying something like "subscribe to "their name" and get 2000 friend requests in an hour". On twitter I/receive tweets saying to go to this site and pay X dollars to get X amount of followers. Or people who only follow you if you follow them. Etc, etc. Doesn't this defeat the purpose of using the site in the first place? There isn't any point in following someone just so they will follow you back. Follow someone because they make posts/tweets/whatever of interest to you. 

On the note of making posts/tweets/whatever I wonder why people don't share/retweet someones stuff more. I'm sure it happens but just in my experience I don't see it a lot. I mean like say I post this and it will post a link on my twitter. Why don't more of the people who see my tweet retweet it so that my blog and posts reach a larger audience that is their followers? I know the obvious reasons like they just don't want to or care enough to. But it really does only take a few seconds.

I know that I am not the best at doing the things I just mentioned. But I do try to help spread the word of my friends/followers. Especially if they have a book or album or something they put out. Even more especially if they released it on their own and with out the help of some greedy corporation. I've been trying to be better at helping to spread the word of projects of people I follow. 

Well that's all the ranting and raving I have in me for tonight. I should have a few reviews up with in the next couple days so be on the look out for those.

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