Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I just finished watching American Pie Reunion. It was hilarious and just like the original three. Which was a relief due to the fact of all those cheap ridiculous knock off movies that were made with the same name. But anyways it got me thinking about my first high school reunion. Oh, what was my favorite part of my reunion, you ask? Well I'd have to say that it was... oh yes I nearly forgot my classmates seemingly forgot to invite me to said "reunion".

I remember when someone first brought it up. That idea got scrubbed I guess. Now I'll be honest I did see the group or whatever for it on facebook. But it was one of those "if you know of someone who hasn't been invited make sure to invite them!" deals. Yes, I know that in the hustle bustle of such an event some people may be overlooked among the multitude of invitees. Except...

We had sixty something kids in our fucking class. How hard was it to call the school and get the list. I'm sure they have all that stored away for such a thing. Granted I wasn't the most talkative person back in high school. Safe to say I was a wee bit shy. And by that I mean talking in public made me so nervous I nearly puked. Of course no one understood that, nor cared to. They all just thought I was that strange, quiet kid. Apparently being too nervous to talk to someone automatically makes you a massive fucking freak. I didn't fit in. I was the quiet, unpampered, poor kid who no one gave two fucks about. Or even one fuck about.

Now I'm friends with about half the kids I graduated with on facebook but lets face it. None of them will take the two seconds to read this post of me whining about being excluded once again.

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