Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm Designing A Game

I'm taking a break from working on the table top game that I'm designing to write this blog post about... well the game that I'm making. Now I don't want to give away too much info on the game just yet as it is still in the early stages of planning and development.

I will say that this is the first table top game that I've tried to make and I feel pretty good about it so far. I've posted about it on a game design forum and the people on there were very enthusiastic about it and seemed to really like the concept. I haven't posted on the forum in the last couple months for the same reason I'm not getting into the game too much here. Why am I keeping it all "close to the chest"? Well if you have ever read this blog before I'm sure I've mentioned how chaotic my thought process can be. That being said I have to say that my notes are still a bit hectic. But as soon as the game progresses some and I get all my stuff into some sort of order I'll be posting bits and pieces up here.

I don't want to get my hopes up too high but if everything goes well with designing, then playtesting, then getting a prototype made, I would like to put the game up on Kickstarter and see if maybe some other people would be interested in my silly game.

Also, I'd like to thank the people that have helped with this. I have a couple other people that are giving input and ideas. I know I have a group or two who are willing to playtest once I get to that point. So thank you to all of you!

On a whim I am going to add a couple pictures of some sample cards I drew up. Enjoy! (you can see from my drawing why an artist is need!)

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