Sunday, March 17, 2013

Product Review: Targus Clamshell Case XS

I recently got a tablet so naturally I've been looking for Galaxy Note 10.1 accessories. I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to review a very nice case from The Targus Clamshell Case - XS is the perfect case for when I'm taking my Galaxy Note 10.1 where just the sleeve won't do.
It's a pretty standard case. There is a large main pocket that holds a tablet (or netbook or small laptop) anywhere from 10"-12.1". The large velcro strap keeps it firmly in place. Now my 10.1 inch Galaxy Note slides around a bit when it's not in the case. Which really isn't too bad as the walls of the case are softly padded. 

As the Galaxy Note 10.1 is so thin there is plenty of room so I added a notebook and also put the tablet back in it's sleeve case. This made the strap nice and snug on the tablet.

The only other pocket is a smaller zipper pocket on the front. Inside of which is 4 smaller pockets. One being a large loose pocket in the back. Perfect for holding small notebooks or charger cords. Then there are 3 pockets on the front of that one. Starting on the left you have a small loose pocket which holds my portable hard drive perfectly. The next has a velcro cover. I put my hard drive usb cable in it but it seems the perfect size for an mp3 player. The last pocket actually has a large loose pocket with a small mesh pocket on it. The only thing missing is a pen/pencil holder. But otherwise this is an amazing case.

Also on the outside is two small hand straps and an adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable transportation. Overall this is a great case that makes travelling with my Galaxy Note 10.l a breeze.

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