Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Updating the Future

I've neglected my poor old blog for almost two months now. Everything has been so crazy with wedding stuff and work and cars deciding not to work and all that fun stuff that we call life.

I'll be getting back into this more often now. Because honestly does it not take only a few minutes to write a quick post? Perhaps a bit longer for a more detailed post, such as a review (I'll have one of those up within the next week.) I've also started playing Dungeons and Dragons again (or will be soon). So expect to see posts of that nature too.

I've also been getting back to writing. And, well, yeah. That's self-explanatory. I'll be posting a bit of this and a bit of that perhaps. Ideas, progress reports, snipets of chapters, etc.

I also plan on just giving my thoughts on things. TV shows (old and new), Movies (old and new), games of all sorts (table top, pen and paper RPGs, board games, video games), anything tech related that I come across, anything science related, etc, etc. They most likely won't be an episode by episode reviews like I've done before (for TV) or even opening weekend movie reviews (I didn't see Man of Steel until two weeks after it opened). So basically I'll be doing reviews here and there as I come across and experience things. Mostly nerdy things as is happens to go.

One other thing that I've been doing lately is world building. Back in the day my friend and I had attempted to "catalog" a whole fantasy nation. Meaning this: we each drew a map, combined the two maps to make one land, placed landmarks (mountains, forests, etc) and then cities. We had a hard cover sketch book in which we would pick a city and draw a city map for it. Then on the following pages we would go through and draw the floor plans for each shop and building. Labeling what was in it. Who owned it. Etc, etc. I think we put stats for DnD too. But over the years the book has disappeared but I recently purchased a new one and we already have the land map drawn up. Expected updates on that too!

And I'll be posting wedding updates too as that nears (2 months away and we have a TON to do!)

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