Saturday, August 17, 2013

Board Game Design Update!

Just a quick post today.

While cleaning up my laptop I came across the folder that had all my notes for the board game I was designing last summer (which has since been put on the back burner). I actually last posted about it here. After reading through all my notes and also taking a look at the thread I had started on the forum I mentioned in the old post, I started getting really excited about the game again. I feel like I have a better understanding of how it all works. (Amazing what a little time will do!)

Now that I have an iPhone (the brand has nothing to do with it) and Evernote I'll be able to keep notes on the go. I've already added 4 not long after reading everything. Though since I'm getting married in a week I probably won't be getting to do much for a week or two.

As I mentioned in the post from September if everything goes well (designing, playtesting, etc, etc.) I really do think I'll make a Kickstarter out of it. BUT if that does happen I have every intention of fully planning it out before I ever even long into Kickstarter. There is no way I will go into it and mess it up!

Anyways I'll post any updates as they come up!

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