Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Board Game Update!

A week or two ago my friend Clifford and I did quite a bit of work in the board game. We worked out starting stats for all 4 characters and about 7 enemies. We play tested combat a little and tweeked some of the stats.

I believe we decided on a size for the game board. It'll be fairly large. But it can always be changed if needed. 

We also bought 100 colored dice and a small engraver to make our own dice. Or at least try! As if right now we have the 10 dice I made a year ago. Just regular dice with a small sticker on each side.

What's next?

I think we'll make a few dice and keep play testing combat. Once we get that worked out enough I think we have to make up all the cards. My wife and I started drawing them a few nights ago. (She's the better artist!) 

The next step, after all the pieces of the game are made, will be to play through an actual game and see how smoothly it goes. Fix anything that needs it and PLAY AGAIN. and then again and again and again. And then find other people to play and give us feedback. Then tweek anything else that needs it. 

Once we have it working nicely we will start to work in the Kickstarter. Or maybe  that could be started before. 

Ill try to post more frequently about the progress and just in general!

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