Friday, September 27, 2013

Digitize Your Post Its With Evernote

Yesterday Evernote released an update that added a camera specifically for use with Post It notes! 

What this you say? If you use Post It notes to jot down notes (I do all the time. Especially while writing) you can use this camera to digitize your notes and store them in Evernote. 

The app recognizes the color (it looks like they have 4) and will store certain colors into certain notebooks as you designate. You can even set reminders to the colors.

In addition to the app integration 3M has made special Evernote Post Its. Each home comes with a code for 1 month of Evernote Premium (I think you can only use 1 free month every 12 months). They even have two different note holders. A single one and one with four spots (one for each color). 

The notes are available at certain Staples stores and online at Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot, and The holders are available for pre-order through the Evernote Market and will ship by late October. 

I tested out the camera on some yellow Walmart sticky notes and had fairly good success. The yellow was slightly paler than the Post It notes. I tried it a few times and had yellow and white show up in the app. My wife tried and got blue and green! So perhaps the 3M Post Its will work more consistently but I feel any will work!

Here is the link to the Evernote Blog with all the info:  

(I borrowed the pictures from the Evernote blog I linked above. All credit goes to them)

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