Monday, September 23, 2013

iPhone 5c

You may be wondering if iPhone 5c is worth getting. If you have iPhone 5 then it's probably not worth upgrading. But if you've never had an iPhone or are upgrading from a 4 or 4s, then yes! 

After reading a dozen reviews and scouring it seems iPhone 5c is effectively the same phone as the 5. Only with a few minor changes. Obviously the exterior has had a MAJOR overhaul but the internals are basically the same.

Both have the same 8mp camera, both have Apple's A6 chip, same screen, and the same features. Though it seems the 5c has a slightly longer battery life (10 hours talk time on 3G vs 8 hours on the 5).

The big change is the design. iPhone 5c is has steel reinforced frame with colorful, plastic backing. The plastic comes is 5 colors (was the number of colors tied to the iPhone "5"?) They come in white, pink, yellow, blue, and green. While the 5 was more squarish the 5c's back is curved. And the 5c also only has one speaker on the bottom of the phone.

The volume buttons match the back in color but they are bar shaped as opposed to the circular of the iPhone 5. 

The shape of the back casing and volume buttons have changed.

You may be skeptical about the plastic backing but everything I've read makes me believe that its a sturdy phone. Unlike your traditional plastic phone iPhone 5c seems to be quite hefty. Now I haven't had the chance to actually use one but I have faith in the people who's reviews I read/watch.

The phone only comes in 16gb and 32gb. But at prices of $99 and $199, respectively, I think it is definitely worth getting!

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