Friday, November 15, 2013

First Comic Wednesday! (SPOILERS)

So Wednesday (2 days ago) was my first comic Wednesday ever! I've been reading comics from friends and stuff but finally decided to jump in and get some too!

This week I got Batman 25, Star Wars 11, The Walking Dead 116, Sons of Anarchy 4 (for my father-in-law. But I did read it!) and Manifest Destiny 1.

Of course Batman is amazing! Snyder and Capullo are one of the best comic teams I've come across. And Zero Year is getting better and better!

I haven't read Star Wars yet. I'm actually behind a few issues on that one. But so far it has been amazing! Brian Wood is also one of my favorites.

The Walking Dead is so INTENSE! And shit is getting out of control! I LOVE IT!

Manifest Destiny is a new book about the Lewis and Clarke expedition. They have to fight the monsters in the wilderness.


At the end of the first issue a horse/man come bursting out of the woods and tramples a soldier. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen. I really like kind of alternate versions of history. Or perhaps its real history that was never revealed! I mean in the issues Lewis writes in his journal that President Jefferson is possibly off his rocker. But he then crosses it all out and says that  he was right to send them on the expedition!

Go check out this book! NOW!

And all the others that I mentions.

Actually go buy any and every comic book you can!

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