Monday, May 9, 2011

Doctor Who: The Curse of the Black Spot

This is going to be a pretty short/quick/random idea of the episode.

The TARDIS with The Doctor, Amy, and Rory land in a pirate ship. If you get even the smallest cut the "Siren" comes and takes you away. Everyone thinks that you die when she takes you. But you don't. There is a space ship that is stuck in the same place as the pirate ship. In a different dimension. And any reflective surface/mirror allows the siren to come through to the pirate ship. The siren is the computer doctor. But as all the crew of her ship are dead she is crossing over and taking any injured back to heal them. Rory gets taken along with the pirate captains son and all the crew.

The Doctor, Amy, and the Captain all cut themselves to get taken and end up on the space ship. After The Doctor figures out that the siren is helpful they get her to let Amy take Rory. But if they shut of his life support he is still "drowning" in the real world. (or something like that) They take him and Amy performs CPR. For a second I thought Rory had actually died. Again. But at the last second he comes to. The Pond's go to bed. Some words of concern are said between Amy and The Doctor. Rory tells Amy she can't tell the Doctor about his future (being killed by the astronaut in the first episode). The end shows The Doctor looking at the pregnancy scan of Amy again.

Two things. First, I'm pretty sure The Doctor knows about his "death" in 200 years. I mean come on he's The Doctor.
Second, the pregnancy scan still showed in going back and forth between positive and negative. I think it's both and is some sort of time thing. She's both pregnant and not pregnant somehow. As I'm sure she will be at some point in her timeline. Like it's a hint to the future. And the Doctor, being all smart and stuff, is putting it all together I bet.

The "coming next week" Had something about the Doctor getting mail and saying there is another living Time Lord out there. And I think I saw an Ood. That would be pretty exciting. Still think River is a Time Lord. That'd be fun too.

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