Friday, June 3, 2011

So I lied again....

I won't be posting my first topic again. Just got home and I'm worn out! So I'm just going to watch The Mummy Returns and attempt to get some writing done. Who knows?

Tomorrow is the mid-season finale of Doctor Who. Apparently we finally learn who River Song is. But that's not really even all that important. Who took Amy? And the baby? Who was the regenerating girl? Was the Doctor who died in the first episode the ganger Doctor? And he sent the invites to them all including the Doctor so he would find out about the Silence and that they took/will take Amy? Who is behind it all? Who is the eye patch lady? And the million other questions that I can't even begin to remember. The next three months after tomorrow are going to be killer. I've also read rumors of Capt. Jack Harkness coming back. I SURE HOPE HE DOES!!

Torchwood starts in about about a month. So that will keep me occupied until September.

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