Thursday, September 22, 2011

Darth Vader/Emperor in DnD with the Doctor

Just had a dream. Very weird one too. It mixed some of the biggest nerdy things out there...

I'm in a room and Emporer Palpetine is there. Darth Vader its in the next room. The Emporer is casing the dnd spell "lightning bolt" at Vader. The bolts are flying across the room, around the corner, and into the room to hit Vader. I'm scared crouching behind the Emporer. Finally I get the courage to kick him in the leg, knocking him over. I run into the other room with Vader. The Emporer follows and is trapped and captured! By whom you ask? The plan was from the mind of the Doctor! Then Matt Smith looks at his watch and says "looks like I've used up my time as the Doctor." And disappeared...

Let's hope that he doesn't leaves any time soon! He's been my favorite Doctor so far!

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