Tuesday, September 20, 2011

REVIEW: DC Comics - The New 52 - Week Two (Sept 14th)

Haven't been able to get online much in the last few days. This is my review/thoughts on week two of the New 52.

Basically Batman and his son Damian as Robin. Doing their thing. Well Damian is a bit of a idiot. He doesn't think of what consequences his actions will hold. He has little regard for the safety of anyone. The baddie who I don't believe Batman has even met is called Nobody. Which looked alien to me. All invisible and what not. Can't wait to see how Batman deals with him. And also his jerk of a son.

This one was terrible in my opinion. The story just never hooked me at all.

I'm not sure if this dude is a good guy or bad. Though he did cut a fly in half in mid-flight. With a thrown paper clip. That was pretty cool. The fly attack got it a B.

This one seemed more like a fantasy comic. Maybe it was supposed to. I guess I always associated comics and superhereos with sci-fi. I love fantasy books and movies so this one was fantastic. The demon is inside of the main character and he just has to say this little rhyme and boom the demon takes over and is all like "I'm gonna rage on yous!" I love it!

I didn't really enjoy this one too much. Just seemed weird. "Monsters"? Seemed silly to me.

Sinestro (who ever that is. Though it does sound familiar. No I haven't seen the movie.) gets his green lantern ring back. And then the little floating lantern masters guys kill one of their own. Then Sinestro does some stuff. Hal Jordan (guy from movie?) is all broke and stuff. Lost his ring. Meaning gave it back/had it taken away. At the end Sinestro offers Hal his ring back if he does what he says.

Guy was a con-artist, gets captured by alien things. They are in his head. Fights his way out of the building. Been named a terrorist (beginning was a flashback? him fighting them on a plane) for the plane incident. Some military guy orders the con's brother (who is a military guy) to find him and take care of it.

I think they are time travelers? Chasing one of their own. He is possessed or something and changes into this monster/beast/thing. I like the story idea and characters, but the art was lacking at times.

This one was better than I thought it would be. Guess the title and cover doesn't mean it will be a bad book. Mister Terrific is a scientist who did this quantum experiment or something and opened another dimension. His "lair" is located in this dimension. He even mentions Doctor Who which is amazing! Then this random guy goes crazy. Telling it like it is and killing what he thinks are "worthless" people. Mister Terrific investigates and at the end of the issue he too goes crazy...

I have no idea what was going on in this one. The guy was complaining about being angry I think.

This has been my favorite one so far! Every time he dies he comes back. Every time with a new power. At the start he is on a gurney, "dead". He can "taste" the metal of everything in the room. He is "magnetic" or can do stuff with magnetics/metal. He makes the ATM give him money. He uses his power to pick up a teddy bear by its metal collar to amuse a kid. Then on the plane this lady changes into an alien/demon and tells Mitch (the Resurrection Man) that his soul is overdue. The beast tears the plane open with its wings. He whoops up on her and jumps out of the plane. Sealing the door to try and save people. She says the people are all doomed and says his soul has become "prized". Then he creates a magnetic field and electrocutes her (there is a huge storm going down.) and kills her. Then he gets sucked into the planes engine and dies. Then comes back. He says this time it "tastes" like pain. He can sense all the anger and regret and bitterness and etc. He flees as sirens approach the wreck. Then turns himself into tears and flows away in a river. It seems someone is after him. Someone mentions "guys upstairs" and "the basement people" whoever they are.

A bunch of, well I'm not sure what they are. Bad or good. But they are the suicide squad. Doing the missions that are pretty much suicidal. They are being tortured for answers as to who leads them. But its all a test to see who makes it to Task Force X. Their first mission is to wipe out 60,000 people in the megadome is Mississippi. Why? I have no idea but I like the story so far!

He is a test-tube kid. Or a clone of Superman maybe. I can't remember if they say. But they were going to kill him and terminate the project. He gets mad and breaks free, only to be stopped by the one person who didn't want to kill him. They then continue the project and they run tests and scan his subconscious and learn stuff. Trying to figure out about his original donors. In the "dreams" he lives in middle-of-nowhere Kansas. He is always the new kid. And always "ignores" the burning house and trapped woman. A guy inside the lab is a spy sorta and telling Lois Lane all sorts of details. But he lies about what they are doing at the facility. He thinks that when the world finds out he will be killed for leaking information. They plan on using Superboy to fight other superheroes or something. I didn't recognize any of the ones shown. So basically he is a grown super-weapon.

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