Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mystery Figure In 3 New 52 Comics!

UPDATE: I decided to go back and look for this mystery figure that is glowing red. And so far he is in Green Arrow, Action Comics, and Animal Man. I have a feeling he will be in all of them...

EDIT UPDATE: Apparently she/he is in all of them. And is mostly likely from Flashpoint #5 or something. I'm going to read that one. But From what I've seen/read she said the hero universe was broken in 3 long ago and now it must be put back together to stop something.

I just finished reading the 13 issues of the New 52 that came out yesterday. First impressions:

Loved: Resurrection Man, Batmant and Robin, Demon Knights
Mister Terrific was way better than I thought it would be.
I thought Batwoman was terrible. That is all.

I'll review them next Wednesday.

I noticed something weird while reading them though. In three of the comics I saw the same character. No not Batman! This person was in one panel only. They weren't referenced, or mentioned, or even noticed at all.

In Red Lanterns on page 24, panel 1. when the two brothers leave the hospital one says "Okay, so he fought back..." the other says "If a seventy-three...." You can see a van behind them. On the opposite side of the street, between two buildings you can see a hooded and cloaked figure. That is glowing red! I then noticed this same mystery figure in Batman and Robin page 26, panel 4. The panel where the swim coach is telling someone to go faster. The figure is on the left hand side of the pool. And again in Resurrection Man page 16, last panel. Sirens are wailing after the plane crash and Resurrection Man came back. He is fleeing the scene and front and center is the hooded figure. He has massively long fingers. Now I have no idea who or what this is. Is it a normal DC thing? Has it happened before? Is it new? A coincidence? I have no idea. I'm not sure if it is in any other of the New 52's that are out yet. I'll have to read through again and check.


  1. also check out superboy page 17 top panel right hand side. The same figure!

  2. I read that it was the chick in Flashpoint #5. Who says the world of superheroes was split in 3 and they need to all work together to fix it and save the world or some such.

  3. She also appears in Teen Titans issue 1 page 18 panel 1. A woman in a long white cloak with a red glow standing behind the cop questioning wonder girl.

    At first thought it might be foreshadowing a return for Raven as it is a Titans comic after all.

    Now I dont know what to think but am loving all the speculation about her