Wednesday, September 14, 2011

REVIEW: DC Comics - The New 52 - Week One (Sept 7th)

This week will include Justice League #1 as well. And now I am basically going to give my opinion on each comic. The only order to these is alphabetical. Now please remember prior to the New 52 I had never read a comic and the only superhero related stuff I know is from the movies. Most people base comics off of artist and writer. As I know nothing of either I read them all.

I think the art was fantastic and the story was great. A time when Superman wasn't trusted by everyone. The police shot at him repeatedly. At the end he is pinned, unconscious between a train he saved and the Daily Planet. And will most likely be captured by Lex Luthor and the government. Since the next issue is called Superman In Chains.

I gave it a C because of the art. It was really weird and confusing. A lot of the panel (is that the right word?) placement was weird to me. I like the story idea. Being able to pull abilities from any animal would be amazing!

I loved it! I'm not even sure why really. The art was great. The story was great. But there is something else that I can't place. This is a definite read in my opinion!

This one was also great. Even with a bit of the Batman in there. I meant it has Batman for a bit. That made it better! But the story was good. I loved the villain but want to know how he survives being run through the back with that sword! And I want to know about that other former superhero.

This was probably my favorite out of the September 7th comics! What's not to like? Great art. Amazing story. Batman vs. the Joker. And in the end Someone cuts the Jokers face on. And it was the Joker's idea! Some guy called the Dollmaker!

The only thing I didn't really like was some of his cheesy comments while he was fighting the bad guys. Other than that it was great.

This one was really good. Lots of mystery. What was up with Hawk's brother (the deceased and former Dove) and the new Dove? Something that she won't tell Hawk unless she has to. I know that Hawk's brother died in battle but I found it annoying that all he did was give Dove a hard time the whole issue. I mean she was doing everything she could.

This one was my second favorite. More Batman and the start of the Justice League. The story was phenomenal! As was the art. But from what I've heard of the writer and artist that's to be expected. Though once again Superman is being a dick. Batman and Green Lantern show up to talk to him and he attacks. What's with that? I can't wait til the next issue when Batman puts a serious beat down on Superman. I never really liked the idea of Green Lantern but he was pretty legit. Green Lantern gives Batman grief because he is "just a guy in a bat suit". But I think after he whoops up on Superman GL will be all like "DAAAAMN!" and then know Batman is the real deal!

It had Batman (but which book really doesn't am I right? Huh? Huh?) and he basically kept this new UN version of the Justice League together on their first mission. Well until this gigantic robot thing came out of the ground and the comic ends with them fighting/being made dead. Not sure which.

This one was pretty good. It was mostly a war comic I guess I'll call it. But near the end there was a flying dude. A superhero. Who appeared to be fighting his own shadow. That could be interesting!

O.M.A.C. - B
From what I understand and I could be wrong this is a brand new comic? The very first #1? But its O.M.A.C. is basically a guy being controlled by aliens. And they are in his head manipulating him. But he turns into this big blue monster/alien/superhero.

I wasn't really a fan of this one. The story was slow to me until the end when he got his arm shot off.

This was probably my 3rd favorite. They are like super-superheros or some such thing. They tried recruiting a Superman equivalent guy. Who refused and then some guy I can't remember took them out and offered Apollo the chance to take out all the scum in the city. Which is what he wanted to do.

Very good comic. He has only vague memories of being "Swamp Thing". And something natural is happening and this mastadon skeleton turns into this giant, rotting monster thing. And the flies surrounding it fly into your ear and turn your head around. Which I would think kill you but they then control you! Then the guy is about to throw his plant serum/goo/stuff out and a swamp monster is like "I wouldn't do that if I were you. The one thing that confused me was when on the two page spread it showed birds in Metropolis all falling dead from the sky, bats in the Batcave all dying, and fish where ever Aquaman lives all die at the same time. That makes more sense then the Dinosaur that's right about the part with the Batcave. What's with the dino?

Well that was my basic opinion on them. Feel free to geek out with me about them. And maybe answer the dinosaur question. That'd be nice. 

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