Saturday, December 10, 2011

I've Kept Busy...But Not With Writing (and that makes me sad)

It's been two weeks now since I've blogged anything. And a while longer since I've really blogged a lot. I've been absorbed by Skyrim and catching up on comics and catching up on books and I wish I could say writing but I can't do that without lying. (this makes me sad)

I've also been working on my fantasy world. Added to the map I already had (now its 4 times larger). Though its still 75% incomplete (that's a lot of coloring!). Once the map is done I plan to name it (or attempt to), divide it into countries/provinces/etc, name them, fill them will all sorts of creatures, and then write a bunch of back story and history and all that good, fun stuff! Its a pretty big task and I feel crazy for taking it on. But who knows, it may help my book flow? Maybe.

The only bad part about playing Skyrim is that I can't talk to anyone about it. It's not that I don't know anyone playing it too. I know tons of people playing it. Its no one wants spoilers! (neither do I) Each person I know who plays could each play 100 hours and still barely do the same stuff in the game. So you never know who's done what and if you can mention it to them. Its maddening!!!

*Potential spoilers. You'v been warned*
I've read a whole mess of comics over the last week or so. A friend is having me read the whole Ultimates/Avengers/whateveritscalled thingy. I love it all so far. I also just finished Fear Itself (the main 7 I guess). Oh, and I started reading Locke and Key too. Its pretty great too! The Batman: Arkham Unhinged (which is based off the Arkham City game) has been absolutely wonderful. I can't get enough! All the new Ultimate Comics have been pretty good too. But I'm sad that the Hawkeye one is only a mini-series and not ongoing. I like Hawkeye. Though the best one I've read this week was probably Batman Noel by Lee Bermejo. Its a graphic novel about Batman (surprise right?). But its like A Christmas Carol Batman. Where Batman is "Scrooge" and his is visited by Catwoman, Superman, and the Joker (I think the Joker was the 3rd "ghost") If I understand right Bob Cratchett is telling the story to Tiny Tim. I could be wrong but I think thats right. Anyways go and pick it up. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Writing. What can I say about writing? Nothing right now and that makes me sad :(

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