Thursday, February 16, 2012

I got a new laptop!

After two years my old one has grown slow and heats up pretty quickly. So about a week ago I also got a new laptop. Now it's nothing fancy. Not at all. Just the cheapest one that was at Walmart that wasn't a netbook. It's got all your basic stuff. Windows 7, a dual-core 2.1GHz processor, 3gb of RAM and a 360gb hard drive.

On the Windows Experience Index it is a 3.4 out of 7.9. That is based on the lowest score. Which not surprisingly is the graphics. But that was to be expected. The lowest after that was a 5.3 for processing speed and a 5.9 for data transfer rate. So I'd say it was pretty good over all. And it is pretty fast. But maybe that is because my old one was so slow. When it connects to the wi-fi it has a stronger connection and faster speeds. Not sure why as I'm not a tech whiz. I know just enough to get by.

It is a HP 2000 (I think). At $300 I think it was a great deal. And the best part is is that I actually write on this one. It feels natural. The writing flows. Maybe it's the keyboard or the texture of the keys or the fact that I can actually unplug it and not worry about the battery dying in ten minutes!

In closing I'll leave you with a pointless fact. I named it T3-M4 and my new Kindle is named HK-47. Yeah I may be a nerd.

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