Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kindle Fire & Kindle Touch 3G

So recently I had been looking at the Kindle Fire. Debating on if I wanted to get one or not. My sister kept bugging me about using my Nook and that pushed me over the brink and I went ahead and got one, giving her the Nook.

Before I go any further I want to say that I no longer have the Kindle Fire. As I don't have a constant wi-fi connection at home I didn't see the point of having one right now. So I returned it and ended up getting the Kindle Touch 3G.

First I want to talk about my brief time with the Fire. It was great. Amazing and lovely and I wish I could have kept it forever. FOR-EV-ER! The only time I could connect to a wi-fi was when I stood by the front door and got an unprotection wi-fi. And even then the Fire was FAST! I downloaded Angry Birds, Twitter, ColorNotes, and a comic app with in minutes. Then I got onto the Silk browser (is that right?) and if I thought it was fast before I was wrong. I know that with its split processing with the Amazon cloud server or whatever that the browser would be fast but I was still expecting it to take a minute to load a page given my terrible wi-fi connection. But it was loaded before I realized I had clicked to load the page. And I'm not exaggerating at all. I got on Google and searched. Got on Gmail, read some emails, and clicked a link to track an order I had. It was all done in seconds. It's safe to say the Kindle Fire is amazing and that if I had decent internet service that I would most definitely still have it.

But like I said I returned it and got the Kindle Touch 3G. For $50 more than the regular Kindle Touch you get free 3G connection from Amazon. You can browse books and purchase and download them right to your device. No cords or wi-fi needed. It also had an experimental browser. Though you can only get on Wikipedia with the 3G. Everything else requires a wi-fi connection. I had been hoping to check email on it. Oh well, I got it as an ereader. Not a tablet. And besides web browsing doesn't sound too appealing on the E-ink display. But you can get some basic games. I downloaded a number slide game. The one where you have a grid of numbers and one is taken out and you have to slide one number at a time and rearrange them in numerical order? Fun stuff.

The Nook Simple Touch and the Kindle Touch are very similar. But I have enjoyed the Kindle more. Mainly because of the way in which you can organize your library. On the Kindle when something is added to a collection it isn't visible in the library anymore. On the Nook it is. And if you have a lot of books it gets tedious to search through them all. And the Nook would always undo my collections for no reason. Basically the Kindle makes it easier to do.

As far as how I like the Kindle Touch 3G I love it. It's simple, light weight but not fragile, easy to read and customize the fonts, easy to navigate and doesn't have all the distractions the Fire would have had. So I get more reading done!

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